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Glasgow 1921; ARSA; RGI; Past & Honorary President of SSA; Honorary D.Litt Strathclyde University: Fellow Hand Hollow Foundation, New York, USA.




Sculpture, Re-generative Artworks, Journeys, Hope.




SAC (Travel Greece & USA) 1977; British Council (USA) 1984; Provost's Gold Medal, Glasgow 1990; British Council (India & Singapore) 1993; Creative Arts Award, Scotland 2000.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:


Collins 1976 & 1979; McRobert 1977; Talbot Rice 1979; Serpentine 1981; Third Eye 1982 & 1991.

Worcester Art  Museum, Massachusetts, USA 1984; An Llantair 1987 & 1988; World  Financial Centre, New York 1990; Whitworth, Manchester 1992; City of  Portsmouth 1996 & 1997. Periodically,The Open Eye Gallery,

Edinburgh; Demarco European  Foundation, Edinburgh; Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London; Rebecca  Hassack Gallery.

"Blakes Bike" & "Air & Stone" 1994 & 1999; "Rock in the Boat", Glasgow University Media Centre 1999; "Bridges 1 & 2", (3 artitsts, USA/Scottish/Irish) Engine Room Gallery.Belfast1999 & 2000; "Para Handy Re-visited

- once again" & "7Vital Sparks", Argyll & Bute venues 2001.


Selected Events & Theatres:

"A Day Down a Goldmine", Edinburgh Festival(Fringe First), ICA London, Tramway, Glasgow & other venues 1985-1990; "Straw Locomotive" (TSWA3D Award) Glasgow1987; "Berlin Burd", Berlin 1988; Garden Festival, Glasgow 1988;

The"Paper Boat” (Gulbenkian & ABSA Awards).  Glasgow, London, New York, Antwerp, Ayr. Dumfries & East Coast ports 1989-1996; "the Why?s Man" (Channel 4  film) 1990; Forest Installations, East Chantham, NY, USA 1982 & 1983;

"Paper Temple", Edinburgh Festival 1992; 32 Spires forHibernia, all  Ireland, Edinburgh & Dumfries 1994 &1996;

The "MacGillivray Walk",  Fochabars to Harris, 1996; "Voyage Round a Safety Pin", Citizens  Glasgow 1996; "The Kerrera Saga" (Performances), Glasgow University  Theatre 1998; The"Whinhill Witness" (Drugs "action"), Greenock 1998;

“A Bucket of ice", DCA, Dundee 1999; "Bye Bye Blackbirds", Edinburgh Festival 1999, "Mobilisation", Whitworth A/G, Manchester1999; "The Northland Vent", Thurso 2001; "A Hopeful Invasion", Aberdour 2002.


Selected Commissions & Collections:

Glasgow Cathedral; Cheshire  County Hall; Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries (3); Fluxus Archive USA  (Getty);

Ufa-Fabrik, Berlin; General AccidentWorld Headquarters,  Perth; Whitworth A/G (Spire), "Life Cycle" (bike), & Tib St. Broom, Manchester; "Royston Steeple Actions", (completed Glasgow 2001);  "Just in Case", Install 21 ft Safety-Pin, Glasgow (twice), Portsmouth  & Edinburgh; Wall sculpture, "Divine Rhythm" ( with mural painting by  Dawson Murray), Buchanan Galleries. Glasgow; The "Millennium garden  Spire",Strathclyde University 1999;

the "Monarch of Auchmountain  Glen", Greenock 2000; the "WeeHauf" Puffer, Islay Festival 200;

"The  Salmon & the Weir, Coleraine Civic Offices, NI 2000; "The Millennium (Running) Clock", Glasgow2000;

"The Northern Vent", Caithness; "The Bird & theStone", Marie Curie Centre, Glasgow 2002;

The "Stones of Scotland",Edinburgh.


This Biography is only up to the year 2002. George Wyllie is and has been creating sculptures etc etc since that time and long he may go on.





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